El Marco doesn’t take any shit. He never did, so as a young teen in the early 1970’s, he recognized the hypocrisy of the popular “counter-culture” left. Worse than the dictated conformity of fashion, speech and thought by young people, the fact that these people who claimed to believe in peace and love were blind to all sorts of suffering if it didn’t fit their agenda. Reading history,


Clitorectomies and honor killings? The women’s liberation movement is too busy demanding unlimited late term abortions and state funding for women’s sports teams. Government sanctioned torture, murder, human rights abuses in communist countries? No problem. The left are too busy defending the right to view pornography on computers in Public Libraries.

The cool, hip lefties uttering endless platitudes about love were not only alienated from their own parents, but a lot of them were downright nasty.

El Marco could not agree with the limousine liberals and parlor pinkos who proclaim “From everyone according to his ability, to everyone according to his need” revering Fidel Castro who is repeatedly on the Forbes List of Richest People. The lefties claim they care so much about the poor, yet want to destroy American capitalism, the system that has brought the highest standard of living to the highest number of people in world history.

Born in Western Canada of Nova Scotia stock, El Marco was known in his youth as the most westerly born easterner. He moved with his family to Toronto as a young teen during the Trudeau era. Thrown in to a milieu in the early 1970’s when the

El Marco first picked up a camera as a boy. Film and processing were expensive, so he was very careful to make the most of each shot. He is completely self taught, including the old darkroom processing. Almost all of the photos on Looking at the Left are shot with a digital Canon camera.

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