Neo-Cannibals, Deadbeats, Dopers and Democrats Occupy Denver

By El Marco

Back with a Vengeance, Evicted Protesters Take the Streets

Denver, October 16, 2011  –  by El Marco

“Occupy Denver” returned to the streets with a vengeance Saturday after being expelled, having their camp forcibly removed from Veterans’ Park by police at 4 a.m. Friday morning. October 15 was declared International Day of Action, which saw radical socialist/anarchist Occupy protests and violence in European and American cities.

The Occupy Denver crowd reached approximately 2000 – 3,000.

Chanting “Whose street? Our street!,” Occupy Denver blocked off Broadway street in front of the State Capitol Building for much of Saturday afternoon and evening.

Colorado State Troopers ringed the State Capitol to protect a gathering of veterans, as well as a State Congressional prayer meeting. Already wary after protesters disrupted a press conference on the Capitol steps by rushing the building en masse late last week, troopers stood guard all day and into the night.

This was the scene across from the Capitol at noon, as protesters gathered before the planned march on the Federal Reserve Building six blocks to the north. Left-wing protesters have the clenched fist as their symbol just as the Tea Party uses a teabag. The term “Fister” is now commonly used to describe any fist-pumping leftist protester.

The crowd, which later distilled into a hot-headed mob battling police, included an odd mixture of liberals dominated by organized communist, trade union and anarchist groups, as well as a large presence of 9/11 Truthers and Ron Paul libertarians. Tie-dyed psychedelic geezers from the ’60s tottered about amongst more recent generations of drug-users, and the smell of medical marijuana mingled in the air with the sounds of the zombie-like chanting made famous by the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York.

An Occupy Denver community organizer leads the bizarre chanting ritual. Never have I seen anything that comes as close to a mind-control exercise in a free society.

The orange tape insignia on this woman’s arm indicates that she is a leader. I was told that any questions I had could be addressed to someone with this type of insignia. When I first saw this militant-looking marking, it reminded me of the Order of the Double-Cross, made famous in the Charlie Chaplin movie, The Great Dictator.

Charlie Chaplin, complete with fist pumping, comically portrays a famous mid-20th century socialist dictator speaking out against Jewish bankers and capitalists in general.

A self-described union activist swore allegiance to the labor movement and revolutionaries in general. He wore a shirt with the image of Emilio Zapata, the famous Mexican guerilla army leader of the 19th century. The back of his shirt was imprinted with Zapata’s words, “It is better to die on your feet, than to live a lifetime on your knees.”

 The man on the right was the main leader, who did the most talking. He led the march, barking orders and conducting maneuvers with military precision. He is definitely the main character of the day, and I will refer to him as El Comandante. The vast majority of the speeches/zombie chants throughout the day reminded me of:

Love that gay patriotic humor.

This speaker was definitely a community organizer with assigned responsibilities. He’s the guy who hands out the orange armbands to other organizers so that everything will run smoothly.

The crowd in this shot included an anarchist (right), a 9/11 truther (with sign The War on terror is a hoax,) and a flag-waving socialist. Many, if not most, of these people are remnants of the massive anti-war movement that seemed to disappear when Obama was elected. They’ve been sitting around with nothing to do but drugs, and you can expect to see more and more of them on the streets as this “new movement” grows.

Hippy geezer activists, with orange double-cross insignia, reliving their ’60s glory days. The days of yoer when the music set the tone for the REVOLUTION.

Today there is a new anthem for this modern day movement … and it is a great song that serves as a perfect  …



This leather-clad woman brought her own megaphone and spoke in a faux-Russian accent about “extra-terrestrial financing,” and other important topics relevant to the day’s march.

She calls herself Mufti which is a reference to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hitlers guest in Berlin and fellow genocidal war criminal during WWII.

Ever since Karl Marx defined his vision of a future utopia, socialists have been awaiting the complete collapse of the world-wide free enterprise system, and the beginning of a cataclysmic international Marxist revolution. This mans sign means the beginning of that revolution is near.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is supported by Communist Party USA, the Islamic Republic of Iran, communist dictator Hugo Chavez, China, as well as the AFL-CIO, SEIU, AlgoreNancy Pelosi, Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, the Democrat Party and Marxist-Leninists generally.

The violent Jacobin tendency among socialists was evident in many of the signs carried at this march.

They start training them for the revolution very young these days. Note the proud father looking on as his daughter hoists her protest sign, background left.

Above we see a classic astroturfing operation. Handmade signs produced by a radical organization are intended to lend a “spontaneous grassroots feel” to what is a highly organized leftist operation. Nobody has ever witnessed this type of activity at a tea party, even in Washington, D.C. when there were a million participants. Yet  astroturfing is standard procedure of every leftist or Obama administration-organized “action” that I have photographed.


I have a number of photographs of children who you could tell were very uncomfortable at this strange event. Ryan Shaw from Parker CO holds an astroturf sign, above. He was brought here by his grandmother, who told me that he didn’t want to attend because he was afraid he would be arrested, and that could ruin his dreams of becoming a U.S. Marine. Hang in there Ryan in a few years you will be a free man.


Neo-cannibals seemed to be everywhere. Above, a sign adorned with a skull with a red anarchist ‘A,’ and bloody knife and fork recall the peak of the psychedelic revolution in 1969, when Charles Manson and his crew of hippy chicks went on a murder spree and bragged about defiling the corpses of their wealthy victims with flatware.

President Obama’s friends, infamous terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, shocked the world by publicly rejoicing and declaring the three-fingered fork sign as a new revolutionary symbol. This guy looks ready to chow down.

One day the poor will have nothing to eat but the RICH!   More evidence of a growing neo-cannibal tendency on the left? This photo records the return of the Manson hippy chick cult type to the anti-american protest scene. What’s with the plastic fork pasted to her sign à la Bernardine Dohrn? Are the “RICH” the picnic luncheon meat of her utopian vision of future America?

“Dohrn was criticized for comments she made about the murders of actress Sharon Tate and retail store owners Leno and Rosemary LaBianca by the Charles Manson clan. In a speech during the December 1969 “War Council” meeting organized by the Weathermen, attended by about 400 people in Flint, Michigan, Dohrn said, “First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” In greeting each other, delegates to the war council often spread their fingers to signify the fork.” – Wikipedia

I was young and stoned once but at that time I recoiled in horror when the news of Dohrn’s violent exhortations became headline news. I remember the day when I heard her statements. I followed the news of the Weather Underground carefully in real time and it became a snippet of reality that helped make clear to me that those with violent lunatic impulses inevitably rise to the forefront of radical leftist movements.El Marco Touchy Feely Moment

Here are three protesters who definitely brought their own signs. This is the real grassroots movement that will save America and the world?

One of the focuses, understandably, of the rally was the desperate need in America for jobs. While the blame for the unemployment situation was placed on the “bankers” for “ruining our economy”, many of the participants appeared to be the authors of their own misfortune.

Pop-culture fashion today dictates that women and men put huge tattoos across their chests, arms, legs, backs, hands, and if they are really daring, on their faces. Top that off with a matted mass of mop-like dreadlocks and a few rings and studs piercing nostrils, eyelids, and lips, and you may be out of luck when it comes to finding a job. Add to that habitual drug use, including the chronic lethargy, munchies, and short-term memory loss caused by smoking high potency modern cannabis, and you have created a person that not even the most open-minded liberal will employ. But it’s always easier to blame others than to face the reality of bad choices that ruin a person’s life.

 This fellow is the lone representative in this post of the many, many photographs I took of people who were there to support legalization of drugs as their main issue. When I asked him about his shirt, he told me that it is from a glass-pipe shop in Denver, which supplies drug users with paraphernalia. When I asked him what the most expensive pipe there costs, I was surprised when he said $7,000.

 Joe Sacco has a degree in film making. I asked him if he would turn down a job with a salary of $74,000, and he said that  he would consider it, depending on the benefits package. He made it clear that his sign is totally serious. Note the high quality, expensive astroturf signs stacked in the background.

Many college grads voiced their grievances about the fact that they didn’t immediately get high paying jobs right out of school. Choosing fields of study that are not in high demand, or racking up debt rather than working and saving, were their choices. The consequences of getting a degree in art history or an advanced degree in basket weaving, like Stanley Ann Dunham, can be living on food stamps when one is unwilling to take a job below one’s qualifications. Boo Hoo.


 Yadda yadda yadda. To whom is his sign addressed? The job fairy!

Tragically, this little girl looks like she’s already on a course that may damage her possibilities. Please, sweetheart, don’t get any tattoos or piercings. According to one professor I heard speaking on the subject, fewer university students are disfiguring themselves these days and the fashion seems to be going out of style as the weak economy presents them with a serious reality check. An amazing number of the protestors have prominent tattoos.   Slavery was another theme. I didn’t ask any of them if they’ve met someone who has actually been a slave. I personally know two men who escaped slavery in Africa and made it to America. Simon Deng and Francis Bok both love America, even though they are not wealthy here. They were both tortured for yaers by their Arab masters and forced to drink water and eat food with animals.

What these protesters refer to as slavery, i.e. working for a paycheck, looks like Nirvana to the vast majority of the world’s population. People who think like these leftists are slaves to their own sense of entitlement and are victims only of a culture of unwarranted grievance.

 Another Jacobin threat of violence? At least she’s not a slave.

 This is a utopian airhead leftist who, on her own, has come up with the Pol-Pot formula for a perfect socialist society.

 Capitalism Kills People & Destroys the Environment.

 The REVOLUTION is NOT an apple that falls when it is ripe. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT FALL.”   – Che Guevara

More violent thoughts from the highly indoctrinated youth of America. Did you learn that in art school from your commie professors?

Michelle Malkin linked to a video of a Denver University student at Occupy Denver saying “There’s a lot of stuff that needs to change, and if it doesn’t, violent revolution will come. If you get the thirteen families that own the world, including George Bush and his administration, get them in front of the White House and hang them and shoot them, because they deserve that.”


 When the march to the Federal Reserve got underway, it was done with an odd kind of lefty militancy, complete with drummers, drill Sergeants and El Comandante barking orders and leading the way.

Lots o’ rage. People who didn’t appear angry for the last  hour now seethed with white-hot anti-capitalist passion.


 As they approached the Federal Reserve, the anarchists moved in to lead the march with locked arms.

Anarchism, according to the sign in front, is a totalitarian ideology. TRUE TRANSFORMATION TAKES 100%. No deviation allowed.


 The socialists, left, and the anarchists, right, take turns giving speeches to the crowd in front of the Chase Bank. Every time violence breaks out in recent years, the socialists say, “Oh, that was the anarchists. They aren’t part of our movement.” This is always a lie. They are allies, they are joined at the groin, and they share the same aim: toppling western civilization and free democracies worldwide.

 El Comandante has retaken the lead in front of the Federal Reserve. Time for some more zombie chanting, and then the Long March back to Civic Center Park, where they started.

Police vehicles loaded with  heavily armed riot teams followed along with the mob at every block. The man with the humorous sign was the only counter-protester that I saw.

UPDATE: No that is not me, my beard is much longer, but I am curious about his tee-shirt, Team America maybe?

This Somali taxi driver looked at the passing protesters in perplexity. He asked me what they were doing. I explained that they are demonstrating because they are angry that there are not enough jobs, and they hate the free market economic system. On top of his cab, an ad: From ASPIRATION TO REALITY. Argosy University, aspire to be.

He calmly said to me, “I’m working, and I’m studying. What do they mean, there’s no jobs?” From his textbook I saw that he is studying DNA in a biology textbook. Bet you this guy is going to be a doctor some day.

 As the marchers neared Civic Center Park, a couple of dozen plonked themselves down on the street and refused to go any farther, sending El Comandante into a rage, background center right. “Not f##king here. Get up.” He told them they should occupy the street in front of the Capitol.

 They rose in awe of El Comandante’s power, and followed as he led to the Capitol.

El Comandante led them to the front of the capitols west side where 200-300 sat on Broadway St. and started with the zombie chanting again.

The occupation of the street seemed to be a tantrum in reaction to Governor Hickenlooper’s order to clean them out of the park on Thursday night. Up until that moment, protesters had considered the Governor to be a radical like them. He was outed as a radical during his tenure as Mayor of Denver, when it was revealed that he established and funded the Chinook Fund, which he specifically created to support organizations that were too extreme leftist for other liberal foundations to channel money to. Now they see him as a traitor, no longer an extremist but a sellout.

Sitting away from the crowd I spotted a group of neo-cannibals handing out free water. I took a chance and asked for a bottle and came away without a bite or a scratch. The sign on the right, is that about cannibalism, slavery or rape?

Not all of the crowd was extreme. There were people there with whom the average Tea Party-er could wholeheartedly agree. Ben Meyer was there in honor of his college friend, who committed suicide after being offered a credit card with a $50,000 limit on it by a big bank. The friend lived off the credit card, paying  his rent, and when that ran out, compounded with his student loans, it became too much for him to bear.    STOP PREDATORY LENDING! It’s wrong, it’s dangerous, and it’s not fair to young people.


I was also very attracted to this lady’s um, message. Her sign should read, “RE-ENACT GLASS-STEAGALL” and I am 100% in agreement. By separating investment from lending, and breaking up the banks into smaller institutions, a number of essential reforms are achieved, including cutting the size of the “too big to fail” institutions.

I left at this point knowing there was trouble to come. Rioting and skirmishes with police went on well into the night in Denver and around the world.

UPDATE: Barney Frank supports protesters, raises Wall St. cash



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