Nazty Language and the Democrat Left

By El Marco

No speaker Pelosi, it’s your Democrats and Al Gore who are hooked on Nazi references.

August 21 2009, Evergreen Colorado  –  by EL MARCO


This was the scene that greeted residents of Evergreen CO at their Post Office on Thursday afternoon. Lyndon LaRouche workers were handing out pamphlets, quoting verbatim, recent webcasts from their leader. Lyndon LaRouche, seven time candidate for the Democrat Party Presidential nomination, claims to be America’s number one inheritor of F.D.R’s legacy.

Born a Quaker he has been a prominent Marxist, then Maoist, and SDS faction leader. In the 1960s his SDS faction competed with William Ayers, SDS Weather Underground, to be the true vanguard to “bring down America” through revolution. LaRouche’s organization also spent years disrupting, and beating up U.S. communists who refused to see him as their true leader.


This LaRouche worker’s card says he is from Texas, but his accent didn’t betray his true origins to my Canadian ear. Midwest? Or Colorado? He and his co-worker travel from town to town raising funds for LaRouche. He told me that Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh are paid British agents working to undermine the American political system. That’s original and weird I thought. I learned later, he is 100% serious.

Before you dismiss LaRouche as a madman , just remember that Bill Ayers, Obama’s buddy, the Weather Underground terrorist leader, is now Vice President for Curriculum Studies of the powerful American Educational Research Association. Also a Democrat, Ayers sets the content and tone of what is taught to teachers and students. Ayers comes from the same ideological swamp as LaRouche. Those that the Democrats try to excuse as fringe, often pop up close to the center as the radicals force their party to the left. Don’t forget that Obama’s first political fundraiser was held in Bill Ayers Chicago home.


This LaRouche worker lady chimed in and said “Why do you think Rush Limbaugh makes $38 million a year? Who do you think pays that much?” Of course, the British, I should have known. How foolish of me.


LaRouche is now 87 and still believes he has a good chance to win the Democrat nomination in 2012. He wants to complete F.D.R.’s work, which was interrupted when F.D.R. joined that well known nazi Winston Churchill to fight WWII. I know it sounds insane but it’s all in the “literature”  for sale.


Note credit card machine and CDs marked 25$.


The LaRouche workers said they were here, at this same Post Office in years past, denouncing Bush in similar terms. At that time, they would have appeared to be relatively normal “anti-war” “anti-Bushitler” mainstream Democrats. Cindy Sheehan, Jack Murtha, Michael Moore and John Kerry are but a few Democrat darlings who were doing the Bush/troops/Nazi two-step at the time. If Obama doesn’t abandon Iraq and Afghanistan fast enough, more of the party radicals could well subject him to this mode of criticism.


Above left, the June 27, 2009 LaRouche magazine cover. Britain Delenda Est translates as “Britain must be destroyed”. The back of the August 2009 magazine is shown on the right. The front cover bears the title The People of the United States no longer accept their president or congress.

Both issues are exactly 40 pages with fine glossy covers. These magazines are highly produced transcripts of webcasts made in northern Virginia. LaRouche has done 7 so far this year. Definitely deep pockets.


This lady, I was told, was a key figure who struggled alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1960s. They told me she is a top LaRouche activist today. They said she is the VP of his think tank. They spoke enthusiastically about MLK and his political relationship to this woman. At this point I’m getting a little confused. But just a little. After all, MLK was always a Republican, and these are Democrats, and they seem to be trying to claim Dr. Kings legacy as their own, which is normal operating procedure for Democrats.


“LaRouche is the only leader to save America.”  They also said “LaRouche has all the answers for todays problems.”, over and over and over.


Nero-Obama, Obama-Hitler, that’s colorful. I assume from my limited reading of Roman history, that this sign is referring to Nero’s taxation program. After Nero taxed Rome’s wealthy to the breaking point he came up with a plan. Since one single additional tax was untenable politically, he decided to burn down the houses of the wealthy as a way of getting at their gold. As the masive fire raged, the Seutonius story goes, Nero had those areas evacuated, and prevented anyone from returning after the fire on the pretext of protecting the burnt homes from looters. At the same time, Nero’s agents pilfered the ruined homes of the melted treasure. Remember, there were no banks in those days, and no paper money. Nero got lots of gold to continue his massive spending. Burn baby Burn Roman style.


It was at this point that I noticed another “protester” enter the scene, above left. I asked “Is he with you?” “No, I don’t think so.” was the answer. The LaRouche guy ambled over to see what this protester’s sign said.


When I asked  the man on the right what his sign meant, he told me “That guy asked me for $1,000 for LaRouche about an hour ago. He told me stuff about colonizing Mars and hanging Obama as a criminal. I told him I didn’t have money, so he started  hitting up another guy for money.”


At this point, LaRouche guy interjected that none of that was true, and called the man on the right a liar repeatedly. It all sounded too bizarre. I could not tell who was telling the truth. The LaRouche worker stalked off and I asked the man if he was really told those things about Mars and hanging Obama. “Yes, and he gave me a magazine, and I read it, and it says the same things in that. I went to Walgreen’s and bought this poster board and a pen and here I am.” I asked him to show me the magazine. He went to his car, retrieved the magazine, and showed me below: “President Obama should be hung.” That’s his thumb, by the way,  holding the LaRouche magazine, dated August 1, 2009.


This man, who didn’t want me to use his name, said he was 28 and a first time voter. He said he was always skeptical about politics but voted for Obama because he was “different”.


He also showed me this page (above), which confirmed the Mars part of his sign. I scanned it at home and added the red for a little Artsey effect. A red Dem wants to colonize the red planet. You couldn’t make this stuff up, folks.

“I am still an advocate of the space program, I’m trying to push it beyond what some people would like to see it pushed to. We are going to go to Mars…One would hope that we would find a way to get our people there, safely. So the problem is getting our people there safely.”  – LaRouche, August 1, 2009


The page above is about as rare a political angle as I have ever seen. But maybe not as rare as I think. The left is full of this kind of thought, you just have to scratch the surface a little.

“So, it’s impossible for an intelligent person who considers these facts, not to recognize that Obama is a conscious Nazi! Not a German Nazi, not a swastika Nazi, but a real Nazi, a British Nazi. And the Queen is a Nazi, too. And her husband is a Nazi too. What do you expect? You can’t say, “You can’t use the word ‘Nazi’. No, that gets people upset.” But that’s good for them. It purges them of evil. “You are a Nazi!” “Oh, I’m a Nazi. Shoot me!” “No, no, we’re not going to shoot you, just recognize it and change.”

So I guess they hang him, but they don’t shoot him? Now I am confused.

Up until now, I thought Al Gore was the craziest Democrat I ever heard of, with his “internal combustion engine is worse than Nazism and if you don’t follow me right now, you’re all going to drown because the ocean is going to rise 20 meters” nonsense. I saw Al Gore in all his glorious boring pomposity at Obama’s nomination ceremony at the Mile High Stadium in Denver.


Paul Kengor, Professor of Political Science Education at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, writes: “Gore’s Nazi metaphors are ubiquitous in Earth in the Balance. Warning of an “environmental holocaust,” Gore exhorted: “Today the evidence of an ecological Kristallnacht is as clear as the sound of glass shattering in Berlin.” Gore asserted that America’s consumption of resources is reminiscent of Germany’s descent into fascism.

In one of the many deeply disturbing passages in a deeply disturbing book, Gore hailed ecological activists as “resistance fighters” and “people of conscience” engaging in a just war akin to the World War II resistance that fought the Nazis. That thought alone is incredibly offensive, especially in what it implies of those who reject Gore’s environmental prescriptions. In particular, however, the parallel is a grave injustice to those who suffered under the Nazis. Jews ought to be outraged. Gore’s moral equivalency reveals a breathtaking lack of historical measure—odd for a man who writes on the triumph of “reason.”

As if his Nazi analogies weren’t aggressive enough, the Nobel Peace Prize winner envisioned “a kind of global civil war between those who refuse to consider the consequences of civilization’s relentless advance and those who refuse to be silent partners in the destruction.”

Yes, that’s right: a “global civil war.” And who will be on Gore’s side in the global civil war against the Hitler Republicans? Yes, in Gore’s mind, our society’s embrace of what he calls consumptionism, resembles Nazi Germany society’s embrace of totalitarianism. If you don’t think this is dangerous incitement consider the case of the Unabomber.  For those who don’t know this, Al Gore’s book “Earth in the Balance” was found at the Unabomber’s bedside, well read and heavily annotated.

Below are a few photos of people who might just follow, or maybe even precede big Al into his “global civil war”.


She wants prosecution of W for his crimes against trees and the ocean as well as against humanity.


I took this photo at the anti-Republican convention march in New York in 2004. Approximately 100,000 people marched right past Madison Square Garden, carrying coffins and swastikas and hammers and sickles galore.

While anti-Bush/war/America demonstrators routinely use swastikas and other Nazi symbols and abhorant rhetoric alluding to “the genocidal Bush Regime,” their radical speech is almost completely ignored by the media. It’s usually reported blandly and aprovingly as “those opposed to the administrations foreign and environmental policies.”

Does the mainstream media (MSM) ever point out that these rallies are joint communist/democrat fiestas with Bush-Hitler as the pinata? This is why people like myself and Zombie and Ringo the Gringo document these events. If the MSM edits and censors this out did it ever really happen? This is the big story and it has been for many years. And it never changes, and it is covered up by the “professional” media. Take a look at the America they don’t want you to see. And bravo to you if you have ever gone to witness one of these events.


Here we see Nazi style marching banners with a W substituted for the Nazi swastika.

This photo was taken at a march in Washington D.C. organized by International A.N.S.W.E.R., an umbrella group for a wide range of communist, liberal and Democrat party organizations. This march was widely lauded by the press and prominent Democrats as a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak American political landscape. Almost 100,000 ranted and raved about the “criminal Bush regime” – some elected Democrats were gloating and giddy.


One of Al Gore’s fellow Nobel Prize Laureates, playwright Harold Pinter, became a cause celebre for the communist anti-war organizers and Democrats as well. He used the Nobel podium to deliver these words:

“The Bush Administration is the most dangerous force that has ever existed. It is more dangerous than Nazi Germany because of the range and depth of its activities and intentions worldwide.” Prominent Democrats pointed to Pinter as proof that the whole world was against Bush and the U.S.A.

This sign is produced by former Democrat Attorney General Ramsey Clark‘s communist umbrella organization World Can’t Wait. This organization is as pro-Obama as they were anti-Bush. But that could change if Obama doesn’t deliver what they want. Socialization of America’s health care industry, criminal prosecution of the  Bush “regime”, and withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan are what they demand of the Obama administration. These people represent a sizable chunk of the Democrat Party base, ie: the ones that flood the streets for anti-American protests. Ramsey Clark served as lawyer for Lyndon LaRouche v. U.S.A., Saddam Hussein v. U.S.A., Pol Pot v. United Nations, etc. etc. etc.



My guess is these folks consider themselves to be, like LaRouche, F.D.R. Democrats.


Big brother wants to watch you.


International Terrorist


Mass Murderers


Revolution Magazine has been leading the charge towards prosecution of prominent American figures serving in the war against Islamist terror organizations. The Democrat Party is feeling the pressure and is in the preliminary stages of moving towards prosecution of Bush administration officials.



Kill Bush


This van was driven by a lawyer who circled the Obama rally in Denver in October, 2008. The lawyer sold CDs with songs that he created about Obama from the cab of the van. Note impaled heads on bloody stakes and Bush’s severed head in a basket.


This guillotine circled Obama rally in Denver. For some Democrackpots a mere sign won’t do.


American Nazi flag motifs are always popular. It’s a simple way to say the entire country is equivalent to Hitler’s Germany.


I love this sign, and I love this guy, because he has a sense of humor. He’s actually a conservative counter-protester who infiltrated the hate Bush mob in D.C. Typical snarky young conservative.


These girls really sum up well what the sixties legacy to the world is. We must look to the children for the truth yada yada yada. I could add many, many more photos but I have to go and photograph mountain wildflowers in the morning. That’s what I was supposed to be doing today except those idiots showed up at the Post Office and ruined my plans.


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Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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