By El Marco

Washington, D.C. September, 2005
Melanie Morgan

Melanie Morgan, who organized the event, is Co-Chair of Move America Forward.

She is also a radio talk show host on San Francisco’s KSFO AM560 Lee Rodgers Show. She initiated the recall of Gov. Gray Davis in California, pushed the ecological issue of banning MTBE in the gas there, and has earned her place in America’s heart as a patriotic political activist.

disabled veteran

Kevin Parnell’s positive attitude makes it hard to label him “disabled.” He lost his legs in Iraq last year, and he’s running around on his new legs and flying around skillfully on a brand new Segway donated by a group of Americans who REALLY support our troops. Amazingly, he said that the best day of his life was when he lost his legs. He has been given purpose — advocating for the war and being a champion of American democratic idealism. When he speaks, people listen.

Deborah Johns

Blue Star Mom, Deborah Johns

Deborah Johns


I miss my dad.


My little brother’s too young to understand.



Gold Star widow and sons

Gold Star widow and sons

Gold Star widow and sons

Reading last letter from Iraq

Gold Star father reading his son’s last letter from Iraq




Anti-war protesters created a mock graveyard near George W. Bush’s home in Crawford, TX. The crosses had names of soldiers who died in Iraq. This father of a fallen soldier went and removed the cross with his son’s name. It’s beyond disrespectful to use his son’s name to protest a war that he believed in and died for. 




Gold Star Mom




Gold Star mother giving inspiring speech






They are proud of their deceased Ranger brother.

Proud and eloquent

Proud Americans, grieving parents


“My identical twin and I enlisted the same day.”


Private Meyer’s mother speaks


Justin Wrisley Garvey


Justin Wrisley Garvey

Gold Star father of deceased Sgt. Justin Wrisley Garvey organizes bronze “field cross” memorials for communites around America. Learn about this at www.lesttheybeforgotten.com

Power to the Soldiers!

JFK inaugural Bear Any Burden


“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.”   – J.F.K. Inaugural Speech, 1941

conservative cuties support soldiers

patriotic poodles

Patriotic poodles

Across the street from this moving and powerful event empty-headed young protesters gathered to taunt the grieving families and their supporters.