• McCain Supporters Harassed in Denver

By El Marco

Early morning light as Ed and Jeri Sue Blackwell from Denver stand on line for the Road to Victory Rally for  John McCain. Friday, October 24, 2008. 7:00a.m.


Three Generations: left to right: Robin, from Elizabeth, Colorado, Vilma from Teknosha, MI and CSU student Rachel.




Anthony Aleman from Denver


Kids from Westminster.


Outside the gates to the National Western Arena, Obama supporters heckled as the McCain line inched towards the rally entrance. They worked as a team to provoke responses from McCain supporters. The person with the video camera stalked up and down the line while her partner followed with a cardboard Obama. The man ran his mouth nonstop, loud and obnoxious while literally waving Obama in the faces of people on line. Their aim was to manufacture angry McCain supporter footage. 


While I was there, they did not succeed in getting any reactions, other than one man who yelled “Socialist!” at the top of his lungs. If this didn’t work for them, maybe next time they’ll bring some puppies and stomp on them to get outraged McCain supporter reaction. 


There was a second Obama just standing on the curb with this guy. 


Their arguments against McCain were not very substantive.


The doper crackpot brigade were also out in force. Here is a sample of the nonsense from their web site:

“We are not attacking Cindy McCain or her business as an alcohol distributor. SAFER has no problem with alcohol and respects the right of adults to use alcohol responsibly. We do have a problem with hypocritical laws that allow the widespread use of alcohol while criminalizing adults for simply possessing a less harmful drug: marijuana. Thus, we are not attacking alcohol use, but rather we are standing up for those adults who prefer to make the rational, safer choice to use marijuana instead, if that is what they prefer.” 



When I see chronic marijuana users, it really saddens me. Once a young person starts smoking there is a very high probability that their education, and thus their entire life, will completely derail. Simple tasks like reading a book or having an coherent conversation become impossible. A life altering drug. Very sad.


I will encounter this young lady later inside the Arena.


John and Gypsy Elstun, from Lakewood, Colorado. More Angry Americans for McCain. They weren’t actually smiling for the camera. This is just the way they are, before and after I took the picture. 


Proud father Jacob Pineda, with his daughter and his father.



Football player from Littleton, Colorado. 


A representative of Babies for McCain.


Punks with Wigs for McCain.


I spoke to this young lady as she was being scrutinized by Secret Service. I recalled photographing her outside with two anti-McCain signs. I said “You’re not going to start screaming, are you? You aren’t going to pull a Code Pink here, I hope. You know like screaming ‘Murderer, war criminal’,?” She said “No, no, I would never do that.” Although she had the sexist T-shirt on, she kept it covered though the entire event, while her friend exposed hers. Later, after an unrelated group was removed for screaming/disrupting, she came to me and said very proudly “See, I told you I wasn’t going to scream.” I told her that a democracy cannot work without civility, and it’s actually the magic ingredient that enables a society to be truly democratic. She was very sweet and I’m sure she understood.


Veterans for McCain


I caught this off-stage shot of McCain. Here he is gesturing for his wife and daughter to precede him.


It was very apparent to me that Senator McCain was terribly wounded. I saw him motioning with both arms and it’s a sight I will never forget. I wonder if he lives with a lot of pain.


After you, ladies. This is how I lost the “Presidential Candidate” photo.


…But I got a great shot of Cindy and Megan.


…And the back of John McCain’s head.


John Elway endorsed McCain. McCain spoke, and protesters started screaming, and continued screaming for a long time before they were removed.


I couldn’t understand why these people were allowed to scream for approximately five minutes. Finally the crowd got sick of it and a general grumbling tone prompted their removal. I think the people above are community organizers.


They seemed to be responsible for organizing these severely handicapped wheelchair protesters. I think this is why the cops allowed the screaming to go on for so long. Kind of a difficult task, ejecting such a pitiful crew. Shame on those who organized and/or radicalized these poor people. But the left has no shame. 


A Colorado mountain man with his sign. Abe Lincoln, today’s Republicans need a leader like you!