• Shaking the Freedom Cage

By El Marco

Denver Free Speech Cage

After the Michelle Malkin – Alex Jones incident, I was eager for some peace and quiet. So I decided to check out the Denver Free Speech Cage with my friend, Red from the Peoples Cube. It was set up by Mayor Hinkenlooper after months of tortured debate in the halls of government, the courts, the media and the public forum. I was curious and hoping for some action, but not too much. What I found  there was this solitary philosopher (above). Red suggested we shake the free speech cage. 


Fairness Doctrine Hannity

Incredibly, there was a taxpayer funded live mic with speakers that resonate throughout the surrounding area. Red made his first point about the Democrats’ plan to implement the Fairness Doctrine, and apply it only to AM radio conservative opposition.

Free Speech Obama Change America

His next point had something to do with Obama and CHANGE.


Free Speech Dissent Patriotic

  • Support of America’s enemies is NOT patriotic
  • Sabotage of national defense is NOT patriotic
  • Spreading lies about US troops in wartime is NOT patriotic
  • Lying about your country to the world is NOT patriotic
  • Appeasing terrorists and dictators is NOT patriotic
  • Depriving America of energy resources is NOT patriotic
  • Voter fraud is NOT patriotic
  • Fooling voters to obtain power is NOT patriotic
  • Balkanization of American society is NOT patriotic
  • Dumbing down education is NOT patriotic
  • Historical revisionism is NOT patriotic
  • Hating America and its people is NOT patriotic
  • Let’s face it: Dissent is only patriotic when the dissenter is a patriot.
  • Otherwise it’s plain old treason.
free speech dnc mccain obama
Next he contrasted McCains’ attitude about America with that of Obama.
obama health care
Then he spoke out about the Democrat health care plan.
Orwell Free Speech DNC Here, he reclaims Orwell for the forces of freedom and democracy.       

Victory over Islamic terror

Using the taxpayer funded live mic, he performed Elvis Presley’s song It’s Now or Never (excellent impersonation) 



Then he cited Winston Churchill “Never Give In” 



Finally, he thanked law enforcement officers for keeping moonbats at bay and securing peace and justice for the citizens of Denver and the world…


Free speech DNC police

…Since they were the only people within earshot (even with the powerful amplification system,) we could say they were a captive audience.


Red, upon leaving the Freedom Cage, had a feeling he was being followed.


For a moment, it didn’t look good. But upon discovering Red’s true identity as a guy from Peoples Cube, things changed. 


Hi Mom! New friends in Denver.


DNC truthers

A few steps further on, and we re-entered occupied Moonbat territory. Hasn’t she heard that tobacco companies conspired to keep the dangers of tobacco secret from the American public?


dnc truthesr

9/11 Conspiracy cultists had gathered for their scheduled permitted snake dance confrontation with police. 


dnc truthers

After taking two photos, I heard “There’s that guy! He was with Michelle Malkin yesterday!” and moonbats started to swarm me the same way as they swarmed Michelle.


dnc alex jones

And then here he was, the king of the conspiracy cultists, Alex Jones. The playground bully was coming at me full steam. 


I turned, and shot this photo over my shoulder. I walked directly to a group of bicycle riot cops and explained that the moonbats were after me. Two bike cops escorted me to my vehicle, and Red and I returned to Denver Civic Center. I’m not as tough as Michelle Malkin.

DNC Obama chef
I wanted to take pictures of some nice people. This gentleman was the first great subject I encountered. He has written a book about cooking, and has come to Denver from Mississippi. He told me he wants to become President Obama’s chef.



This next subject is a kid from Denver. The day lions become vegetarians is the day I’ll believe in the hope Obama is selling.


dnc dick morris fairness doctrine

I met Dick Morris exiting a car near the Convention Center. I’m a big fan of the political consulting work he’s doing in the Ukraine and other countries, and told him so. He was more than happy to hold a sign produced by thePeoplesCube.com