• Sudan Freedom Walk

By El Marco

Sudan Freedom Walk Darfur nativeYahya Osman, left, is a native of Darfur, and a member of the Darfur Rehabilitation Project. The Newark, N.J.-based nonprofit organization is dedicated to spreading information about Darfur and to promoting its eventual reconstruction and revitalization. Yahya traveled last year to the Darfurian refugee camps to document their conditions.

Organized by Simon Deng, the Walk, from the U.N. to Washington, D.C. March 15 – April 5, 2006, was a call for attention and action by the U.S. to help stop genocide and slavery in the Sudan. The Sudanese refugees and the supporters of the cause don’t expect to see help coming from any other country or organization in the world, other than the United States. The Muslim Arabs from the North, who comprise less than 40% of the population of the Sudan, are committing genocide and other atrocities against the (majority) blacks in the south and west of the country.

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