• Barack’s Big Day, Part I

By El Marco

Euphoria at Mile High Stadium.

Hope and faith plus zero substance combined to create a blissful atmosphere at Mile High Stadium in Denver. A wonderful opportunity to photograph the freest, luckiest, healthiest, happiest people in the world. I’ve decided on a Norman Rockwell approach to this event. America on Cloud Nine. 


Obama products

Entrepreneurial small business Gold Rush. Every small T-shirt printer has come out with his own designs as well as buttons, and even an Obama Mini-Me action figure for $19.95. 


The Barack Obama Experience: All along the Watchtower? NOT! Purple Haze? Probably. Electric Ladyland: where’s Hillary? ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? Are you kidding??? Astro Man…back to the moon??? Crash Landing = how the campaign will end.



No place for the bald-headed. A three hour wait in line. Some people didn’t make it to the stadium. MEDIC!!!



Campaign buttons were selling for $3 each downtown and around Invesco Field. This guy was in for a surprise about an hour farther down the line. At the Secret Service security checkpoint all metal buttons had to be removed to pass through the metal detector.


This group is from Illinois. Some more casually dressed Illinoisians donned T-shirts saying “Barack is my homie.”



It was hard for some elderly folks. This lady rests in the shade, with her cane, after two and a half hours in the sun. Only about half an hour to go before getting to the security tent. Line’s total length = maybe two miles, I don’t know. 




It was great to see all of these happy Americans, after so much anger and craziness around the Civic Center during the rest of the week. This was the lone visible kook. His cape says GROPE POPE on the back, a Nazi swastika on his pope hat, and he has a naked boy mannequin on his shoulders. First class hate speech.


This guy was suffering from the heat. He has an Obama mini-towel on his head. His shirt shows a stylized Democrat donkey, topped with a 1970’s afro style hairdo and an orange afro-pic comb.


A lot of people had red, white and blue buttons which they themselves wrote on. This young man’s says Destroy the Government, Communist Revolt + Marxism.


DNC buttons

This button with the Kennedys says In the Tradition of Camelot OBAMA ’08


There was a sort of rock star euphoria, but Obama is a rock star that people have a personal emotional involvement with.



This couple flew in from San Francisco. The gentleman is from Cameroun, not yet a U.S. citizen but an Obama fan.





She’s not clinging to religion.


Hanging from the yellow strap you can see the bizarre “community credential” which everyone was required to have to gain entry. On planet earth this is called a ticket. Note the infamous upside down flag. This is a 4″ x 6″ hologram type vinyl card which says CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN on top, and on the bottom line it says “community credential” The hologram thingie, when tilted away from the viewer shows the flag upside down with a text box on the right; when tilted forward, towards you, all that’s visible is Obama’s head with the stars becoming his shirt, the flowing red and white stripes behind him and CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN in the upper right corner. Quite a contraption. We had to drive 60 miles round trip from our home to pick these up. We had to show our drivers license/picture ID, after waiting in line just like at the DMV. But don’t dare mention photo ID for voting – that would make you a *#$@%ing racist. 




She’s from Albany, New York


This gentleman is from Atlanta, Georgia. He says his two favorite cities are Atlanta and Denver. He had a big smile, but I missed that shot. He did appear to be in quite a bit of pain. At this point we are through the security tent and ready to enter the stadium.


These ladies are from Veracruz, Mexico and reside in Denver. Obama es el hombre.



Hippy chicks said “Look at my buttons! They’re hippy buttons, just like in the 1960’s!”


The button with the sun shining off it says Deadheads for Obama


The GET SOME ASS T-shirt on the left says it all. These guys are here to see Springsteen and get some…     Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald and Sheryl Crow performed before Obama’s speech. Springsteen and Bon Jovi after.  Obama? Biden? who??


The wives of two Georgia State Representatives



Even the Republicans who got community credentials were sharing in the happy moment.








I love this couple! Same vibes as my neighbors in California. I ran into him later for another shot loaded down with hotdogs and drinks and the same big smile.