• Barack’s Big Day, Part II

By El Marco

For the first time in American history a candidate for President ascended to the nomination in a Greek temple setting surrounded by 80,000 of the Obamboozled. The Party’s official button shows a RED STAR radiantly crowning OBAMA. 




Looking cool with “Radiant Obama” T- shirt.



Wow…or I should say Ooh La La. She’s from France, and speaks with a pouffe quoi quoi accent that is soooo awesome.


Love her Minnie Mouse type button up hot pants. Why don’t American girls wear these?  I’m hooked …  Er… Buttoooned….OUI!  OUI!!


This collector had to remove his buttons to go through the metal detector. After three hours in the hot lineup and another 3 or 4 hours before Obamas appearance drinks and food were a top priority. 

Ice cream for these two.


Martin Luther King, Jr. becomes a Democrat party sock puppet. Note microphone in Obamba’s hand. Is that a crucifix? Naww, it couldn’t be, could it?

These car magnets were on sale inside Invesco Field Stadium during Obama’s Greek Temple speech. Here we see Dr. King mouthing the new Democratic Party mantra, CHANGE.  Martin Luther King was a man who dreamed of a day when we would be judged by our character, not our skin color. Obama’s true character is one of the most highly guarded political secrets in American history. Here Martin Luther King is exploited by a party who obscure their true motives with a slick political machine that uses charges of racism to shut down legitimate inquiry into Obama’s past and core character. 

Dr. King was a Republican, not a Democrat. It was Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery and passed the Jim Crow laws and Black Codes. Democrats started the KKK to terrorize blacks and Republicans. The KKK was the militant wing of the DNC, in today’s vernacular. Democrats fought to prevent the passage of every civil rights law starting with the Civil rights laws of the 1860s right through to the 1950s and 60s. Democrats jailed Dr. King. It was Democrats who loosed the dogs on Dr. King in Birmingham. (His Letter from a Birmingham Jail should be read by all who oppose real tyranny.)

It was Republican President Eisenhower who pushed the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and sent troops to Arkansas to desegregate schools. Democrats revere President John Kennedy as a proponent of civil rights. However Kennedy voted against the 1957 civil rights act while he was a senator, as did corrupt Democrat Senator Al Gore Senior.  After he became president, JFK was opposed to the 1963 March on Washington by MLK, that was organized by A. Phillip Randolph, a black Republican.

Note: Why don’t average Americans know this stuff ?  I’m a Canadian not a Republican and do not vote in the US. I have a framed photo of MLK in my home. I know JFK as a cold warrior and a tax cutter, and a great man for that.

Mile High DNC volunteers… Western Girls!



  Note the “SI SE PUEDE” button the lady on the right is wearing. It means YES WE CAN in Espanol. This is also the Hugo Chavez campaign slogan from his most recent stolen election in Venezuela. I suspect these young ladies have no idea about all that.

Chillingly, six months after this event Iranian President Madmood Admadinejad also adopted it for his campaign.


Not everyone was 100% happy all the time. There were a few grouches. I avoided them, as is my custom.


The Thinker by El Marco… Politics?… or maybe trout fishing… 

Great smiles… good composition too. Most of my photos are full frame with little or no cropping. I learned that from Andreas Feininger and Henri Cartier-Bresson in the 60s-70s. Well from their rules anyway.





Now it’s Crazy Al Gore on the mini greek temple stage and giant television monitors.


The stadium is almost full… not Quite.

Al Bore lived up to his reputation. He filled the huge outdoor stadium with hot air.


Primitive tribes need totems, and even the great civilizations of the West have periodically felt the need of heroes who can be elevated far above the ranks of ordinary criticism or clamor. It seems necessary for the salvation or preservation of some creed or cult or policy to grant quasi-royal or sacerdotal mysticism to some individual who enshrines the often half expressed cravings of a cause.  – Randolph S. Churchill 

Al Bore was so boring that I had to convert the photographs into Black and White to make them interesting. Note security guys on the top.

The smiling face of one of my favorite subjects of the day, returning with hot dogs and drinks, oblivious to the mad rantings of the Global Warming Savior of the World. 

And he huffed and he puffed and he blew all the sanity away. Thats how demagogues do.


Nancy Pelosi bowing down at the altar of the Global Warming cult.


Note from El Marco: I like the above photo. Algore’s shadow grows longer as the sun sets in the west, beyond the Rocky Mountains. A cool breeze deliciously invigorates and negates all the hot Co2 from Algore. 


Who will save them from the Saviour, Al Bore?


These young people excitedly called my attention to the fact that a Praying Mantis had flown out of the sky and landed on the tip of their flag. “This is amazing. It happened right in the middle of Al Gore’s speech.” Adorable. The girl in white later passed me on the stairs. She said “I’m going to take it outside.”  The only humane thing to do considering the 160,000 feet itching to leave the stadium if that man doesn’t shut up.


And now, finally, Obama. 


Being held by Mom.


Looking cool in leather.


On the sofa, canoodling with Michelle.




Obama’s shadow.



Obama looking down on his temple.

It looked like Obama’s speech was winding up so we decided to get out of town as fast as possible.


I couldn’t believe this guy was watching the monitor instead of the real thing, which was twenty feet down the corridor on the right.


Tele-Messiah basking in adulation.


Whilst we were frantically looking for a bus, KABOOM. Obamas party spews hot Co2 over Colorado. Caught totally unawares Algore had a cow.  Although widely reported in the media, party officials deny that any Co2 was released. After all it was the greenest convention in US history,

“Our goal was to make this the greenest convention in history. Our mission is to build a long-lasting green legacy that will thrive in our community and around the world. What does it take to do this? Lots of coordination and hard work from dedicated staff, volunteers and partners! We’re working on setting green standards for events..”  www.denverconvention2008.com


Crossing the street this guy passed me running around in the intersection, yelling to people in cars. “It’s not over! It’s not over!” 


Last shot. Some steelworker union people from Denver provided good company while waiting for our bus.