By El Marco

Dissent is the New Racism in Obama’s Post-Racial America

It’s been two weeks since the strange goings-on when Sarah Palin appeared at Boston’s Tea Party Express mega-rally. With liberals now branding entire states RACIST, what happened in Boston can provide insight about those on the left who love to hurl that charge.

On April 14th, Sarah Palin addressed the 5,000 strong Tea Party rally in Boston. Also present was a second crowd of about 150 leftists. They did not come to hear Sarah Palin, but to denounce her and the Tea Partyers as racists and sexists. They came to “crash the Tea Party” and scream out their collective maladies in front of a large press contingent eager for a negative story line.

I have witnessed and reported on a number of Tea Party rallies over the last 14 months, and what happened at the Boston Commons was new and ugly. The levity with which the words Racist, Retard, Sexist, Homophobe and Fascist are displayed by liberals is astonishing. Jonah Goldberg recently wrote “dissent has gone from being the highest form of patriotism under George W. Bush to the most common form of racism under Barack Obama.”

Fear and hatred of Sarah Palin – Palinphobia –  has taken the place of Bush Derangement Syndrome as the neurotic focus for the American left. Incited by more than a year of coordinated administration/MSM hate propaganda, Tea Party crashers’ signs were only a reflection of the Democrat party’s agitprop. The level of hatred shown towards Palin in Boston rivals that shown to Ronald Reagan or George W Bush during their presidencies.

Leftists can be seen gathered around the monument on the knoll at the left in this photograph. They mixed with the Tea Party down the Boston Commons slope, and harassed and infiltrated the back of the main crowd. Many of the signs seen ringing the crowd are “crasher” signs.  Tea Party patriots moved to cover the rally’s rear and flanks with their own signs to counter the leftist signs.

This sign sums up the general tone expressed by the Tea Party crashers. To my eye the crashers fit into 3 group-types.

Group #1  –  Young Obama-worshipping internet surfers who view Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central as trusted news sources. Partying/getting high, TV and computer life take up most of their time. Many were noticeably stoned.

Group #2  –  Labour union radicals with printed astroturf signs. Angry and eager to please Obama and his union-boss allies, they have been lurking around Tea Party rallies since last summer. Communist Party USA members have been campaigning side by side with the unions since the CPUSA first endorsed Obama in 2008. Of the three groups, these are the ones most likely to behave violently towards Tea Partyers.

Group #3  –  The “anti-war”, Bushitler crowd who rally behind various communist organizations. The line where “pacifism” stops and “death to America/Israel” starts is hardly visible in this crowd. They are distressed by the lack of big anti-war rallies over the last year and a half since Obama won the election. They are also conflicted about their loyalty to Obama since he and Biden are now claiming macho bragging rights for progress in “Bush’s wars”. They find Palin who is clear speaking in her support of Americas military efforts very hate-worthy.

John Philip Sousa IV spoke to the Tea Party crowd. He is the great-grandson of American conductor, composer and patriot, John Philip Sousa. Sousa wrote The Stars and Stripes Forever!, which was played by this band. They also played the national anthem, and that is when I could first hear screaming and shouts from the leftists at the rear.

Paul sent an eye-witness comment:

You may have missed this, but the Communist thugs with the pre-printed signs forced their way into the crowd during Sarah’s speech, shoving people, blowing whistles, screaming and shouting insults in our faces using bullhorns. They were obviously trying to provoke a fight, but the Tea Party folks were not taking the bait.

You have to wonder about their minds. Do they think we’ll respond by thinking “I used to think that quadrupling the deficit and showing weakness to our enemies posed a danger to the country, but using a bullhorn to blast me with insults and call me a racist has convinced me I’m wrong”?

I’ve been to a few Tea Party events in Boston, and I’m impressed by how civil our folks are. We’re really not very good at chanting slogans we just tend to stand around and chat about politics and current events.

Debbie Lee is seen here with a photo of her son, Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq. Flanking her are two active duty Seals. There is an army base in Iraq named after Marc Lee, in honor of his valor. Mrs. Lee spoke to the crowd about her son, the Seals, and the importance of public understanding and support for the worldwide struggle against Islamic Jihadism.

Fellows like this, and liberals in general, are hostile to any such talk about the current conflict. We chatted briefly, and I found him to be inhabiting a myth filled world recycled from anti-war leftists of the 1960s. He offered to share marijuana which he had with him but I declined. He said he thought it would be hilarious to send clouds of smoke towards the main crowd and stage area. I felt as if I was talking with him through an Orwellian time warp. Orwell famously wrote,” Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist. This is elementary common sense.”

These people were wearing yellow Boston School Bus Drivers USW Local 8751 union shirts. The signs are produced by the Bail Out the People movement which is a communist umbrella group that includes many organizations like Fist Youth in Denver and Bolivarian Youth in Miami and the World Workers Party to name just a few.

Bail Out People have chapters across the country. They consider themselves the enemy of the Tea Party Movement and their website states: “the fight for jobs is also a fight against anti-immigrant racism and the “Tea Party.

They support Castro and Chavez and claim that a public sector job is a “human right”. After all, it has worked out so well in Cuba to have a single employer. Like Cuba today and the old Soviet Union, they also want a guaranteed pension for all. In Cuba that means a ration booklet that guarantees two eggs a month but, sorry, no milk without a note from your doctor.

They are planning a May 8th march on Washington to demand government jobs. Their website also says “Join unemployed people, trade unionists, community and youth activists and organizations from all over the country” and “If we don’t unite, and raise hell,hell on earth is what we’ll have.

Some conservatives tried to engage leftists in civil dialogue. They were often rebuffed or ignored, but not always. The man above was able to wring a concession from the union protester. After a lengthy exchange of ideas the protester was heard to concede, “well maybe only half of them (Tea Party) are racists”. Since this was the first Tea Party conservative the protester had ever spoken with that is an amazing shift in attitude. One more conversation like that and he’ll be obliged to cross the R-word off his sign.

Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! This is a the liberal mantra which allows them not to know or even consider anyone else’s point of view. These are universal categories applied to those who reject radicalism and the left.

In 1906 in a campaign speech Winston Churchill told a large crowd of constituents, ” A radical is one who when told that ventilation is a good thing smashes out all the windows in his house.” This of course explains a lot about today’s societal calamities after so many decades of liberal social engineering. Tea Party conservatives understand liberalism’s vastly expensive failures and are saying: Stop, no more, it’s unaffordable in every sense of the word.

As Sarah Palin began to speak, the leftist barnyard erupted with shouts and shrieks. I could tell that she was briefly startled, but only a bit. Later I spoke with people who were towards the back of the crowd and could only hear the screeching leftists but not Palin at all.

This tactic is a product of the “Free Speech Movement” of the early 1960s from Berkeley, California. While proclaiming their right to use the F-word in public speech (not kidding), they developed tactics like pie-throwing and loud “protesting” to shut down speech which contradicts their world-view.

Despite the cacophonous hate campaign of the Dem party and liberal-left media, Sarah Palin has demonstrated amazing strength, grace and class under fire. According to the left, this wife of a tribal Eskimo and mother of mixed race children, is a racist and inexplicably a sexist too.

Following are the words of Sarah Palin at the Boston Tea Party, as well as some revealing comments from a speech the following day in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

“Tea Party Express, we applaud you for uniting and for putting up with all the BS from the “Lame Stream Media” with so much agenda controversy with the Tea Parties, false accusations of this group being racist, being violent. Thank you to the Tea Party Express for putting up with that and uniting Americans from all walks of life; all walks of life are here.”

“Freedom is a God given right and Freedom is worth fighting for. That’s why our sons and daughters serve in the United States military, and we believe that America’s finest, our men and women serving in uniform, are a force for good throughout this world and that is nothing to apologize for.

We believe that God did shed his grace on thee that we are blessed. We are not going to squander this opportunity. These are the principles our forefathers from right here fought and died for. These are the principles that made this country exceptional and Boston, now it’s our turn to to stand up and speak out.”

“Entrepreneurs and small business owners are working so hard despite what government is doing to us, to grow our economy one dream one job one person at a time, that’s a united America and there are a lot of common sense conservative candidates ready to put it all on the line in 2010.”

“There are even hopeful signs in Washington because believe it or not, even there, there are some common sense conservative leaders who know that we can’t spend our way out of these problems. These are leaders who are not afraid to make tough choices and they too, many of them would admit that over this past year they’ve learned their lessons. These good folks believe what Reagan believed when he said “there are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We just need the moral courage to know what’s right” “

“In that spirit I applaud those who stood strong against Obamacare until the very end. They understand that to improve healthcare we need less government bureaucracy and more competition. They know that to get the economy back on the right track we need to cut spending not just stall the spending spree that we’ve been on.”

“Now we need congress to hear us when we say please, those in the positions of power and authority that cast the votes, starve the beast! Don’t perpetuate the problem. Don’t fund the largesse that is being proposed.”

“We need to cut taxes so that our families can keep more of what we earn and produce, and our mom and pops then, and our small businesses, can reinvest according to our own priorities and hire more people and let the private sector grow and thrive and prosper. That’s how our economy comes roaring back to life.

Cut taxes on investments and job creators and simplify the tax code, and if Washington really wanted something to do and wanted to help create jobs, they can jump-start some of our energy projects. We can pave the way for proven conventional sources of energy, research, development, with nuclear and clean coal technology, and on and offshore drilling.

Because remember, energy in America is security for America, so yeah, let’s drill, baby, drill. Youbetcha! Yes! Yes!”

The day after the rally Sarah Palin addressed a Charity of Hope fundraiser in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. In her speech there she made some revealing comments about her Tea Party experience. Transcript from Canada’s Globe and Mail:

“The hecklers are funnier than heck too. Usually if there’s a bad poster out there I pretend I don’t even see it. But yesterday I could not miss it. They were these life-size pictures of naked people. I was like, okay, that one is effective – I can’t… they caught me off guard on that one.

Other than that, and the stuff that goes on on the periphery, these Tea Parties have been an amazing manifestation of America’s pioneering spirit, where we’re saying we don’t want government to make us work for them, we want our government to work for us, we want them back on our side. The Tea Party are an important gathering of Americans who are really part of this grassroots people’s movement, it’s a conservative movement, but those involved in it, are [from the two] parties, and independents. Like Todd’s not even registered in the party and people tell me I am the worst recruiter of the Republican Party if I can’t even get my own husband to join. But more power to him. He’s an independent. But this movement that’s sweeping the nation, getting to be a part of that is really awesome.” (continued below)

“I’m just getting off the trough from doing a lot of Tea Parties across the US, man those are a blast. [applause] They’re rowdy and they’re wild and it’s just another melting pot, there’s just diversity there and all walks of life and all forms of partisanship and non partisanship just wanting good things to happen in this part of the world. It’s been a blast.

I was governor of Alaska, and having been elected at a relatively young age, at the time looking back I think I was young back then when I was first elected, it seems eons ago. For many years Todd has worked up on the oil fields in Prudhoe Bay, up on the north slope of Alaska. Many weeks up on the north slope. In fact it’s the equivalent of about six months on the north slope and then six months home, but when he’s home his job is a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay, another tough, blue collar, hard core job. So he’s very busy with his vocations and allocations, in addition to being Alaska’s First Dude. He had official duties there too.

… yesterday we were at the Tea Party in Boston, and I turned to Todd, and I just said,  I said this in front of thousands of people, one of his duties as First Dude of Alaska is that he used to go to tea parties and have first tea with the first ladies across the nation, Laura Bush and others. So I asked him yesterday, well is this Tea Party kind of to your liking too, Todd, because you’re not used to this kind of Tea Party, you’re just used to the real kind!

Todd is so cool because one of the tea parties he attended he had just come off the airplane and had tea at the White House with the first ladies [governors’ wives] including Mrs Bush. He had just gotten off the snowmobile race, he’s the four time world champion of snow-machine racing, the longest snow-machine race in the world, it’s 2,000 miles across Alaska. Very rugged. He had broken his arm with 400 miles to go in the race and had finished the race and then got it casted. So he ripped his cast off before the tea party with Mrs. Bush and it was just cracking me up thinking, man, if only people knew the way that we really live. But he’s pretty amazing that he’s been able to multitask like that. In fact, his commute from the governors mansion was about 1,700 miles. That’s how big Alaska is and that’s how long his commute was, so that added to it.” (continued below)

“And what’s going on in our country we can’t wait even another day just being complacent and think that everything’s just going to magically work out for us, because it won’t. We’re spending too much money, we’ve got too much debt and we’ve got to start ramping up industry and reining in the spending.

… with energy being such a key component to all of this. It’s not just about fueling our cars and heating our homes and keeping the lights on, it’s an issue that touches every aspect of our lives in both of our countries, from the value of our paychecks to our allies and our interests abroad. Energy is important in all that.

Relying on major foreign regimes to meet our energy needs makes no sense, because it makes all of us less secure. And it costs us hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars every year asking the Saudis or Chavez to ramp up production so that we can purchase from them. We say: ‘No more’. When it comes to something this important, we have to give it our all. And that’s a focus of mine as I go forward.”Globe and Mail

This little girl stood directly in front of the stage with her parents. Here she looks up at her amazing role model, Sarah Palin.

After Palin departed, I moved to the rear of the Tea Party crowd to see who had been making all the barnyard sounds. What follows is a photographic comparison of the loony left, the radical communists and the Tea Party Patriots. TRIG FOR PRESIDENT refers to Governor Palin’s infant son who, like my own brother, is a Downs Syndrome child.

The woman in this photograph was one of the big noise makers. Non-stop high volume yapping, doing her best impression of Tina Fey who is famous for impersonating Sarah Palin on the Saturday Night Live TV reality program. There are many people who mistake the program for reality.

Case in point: There were several signs like the one on the right. This woman believed that was a real quote from Palin repeated by the comedienne Fey. It is actually a satirical reference to Palin’s inquisitional interview with Charles Gibson, when she stated that Russia can be seen from the continental US in Alaska. Alaska is home to NORAD and America’s largest National Guard contingent. Sarah Palin, as Governer of Alaska, was in charge of the Guard and was trying to emphasize their important role due to Alaska’s strategic location.

During the last presidential election, video interviews with Obama voters revealed that many were well versed in pop culture gossip about persons and events but unable to answer simple questions about civics or actual current affairs. Meanwhile the woman above remains convinced that the quote on her sign is really Palin’s. So many leftist myths are propagated by pop culture media that many people have no idea where reality stops and myth begins.

Pop culture reality protesting reality.

The sign on the right appears to be incoherent, but is another SNL derivative. The I’m gay for Palin sign says EVERYTHING SUCKS on the front. Studies consistently show that liberals are unhappy people when compared to conservatives. They also show that liberals consider themselves to be superior intellects. The photos in this essay confirm the former and expose the later as perhaps liberalism’s shallowest conceit.

This man remains convinced, like Andrew Sullivan, that Palin’s not Trig’s real mother.

This woman is very proud of her sign, despite the fact that dehumanization is hate speech.

Palin worked her way through college. Her first year she, along with girlfriends from Alaska, escaped the cold to Hawaii to study. Being from northern Canada, I consider that move to be sheer genius. After that she continued her studies each year in a different state depending on the work opportunities that presented. What a way to learn about America while not being a parasite on parents’ income and beating the cold at the same time.

The guy on the right was the loudest “yeller” I saw. With a deep gravelly voice he ranted without stopping to breathe … ever. He was surrounded by a clutch of same-age stoners. My guess is designer drugs, E, PCP, Angel Dust or Meth. Just guessing. Very strange disturbed head-space. About half of the lefties I photographed were noticeably stoned.

Don’t you think 9/11 is a great all purpose punch line? Is that from an SNL skit too?

This man appeared to be in the higher-than-a-kite category. The man below took this sign personally and became very upset and vocally angry. That evoked howls of pleasure from moonbats and a flurry of activity from the press.

The man holding the sign on left interceded and told the angered man he had the “situation covered”. After standing back and taking a look, the offended man left shaking his head in disbelief.

Have a listen to the voices of today’s radicals!  click below. CAUTION: Profanity and loads of hate speech!!

Now let’s look at the object of all that liberal ire.


I spotted what from a distance seemed like a disturbance. I found conservative Robers Armond (wearing red cap) schooling some very left-leaning young people in basic civics and constitutionalism. Armond is able to quote the founding fathers from the Federalist Papers. This exchange was civil and very passionate on both sides. The fellow with both hands open couldn’t match Armond’s knowledge with his pop culture socialist arguments, and withdrew defeated.

Peter Lafreniere and Jack Hamilton were more open to what were new concepts for them. Though they were both left-leaning, they are still searching and not yet closed to other ideas.

Robers is from Cambridge. Mass., and well versed in the history and deeper meaning of America’s founding documents and democratic traditions.

After I took this photo I heard Peter tell Robers that he was the most informed person he had ever met. Too bad these kids are subjected to only the leftist view in school, the media, and at home. It really creates in them a very narrow  world-view. Nice to see them get some exposure to bedrock constitutionalism and conservatism from Robers Armond. Charming and very sad at the same time. Note in the background the three sour-puss Libs observing the Tea Party.

This hockey mom has no illusions.

This photo sums up the gulf between the right and left in America. The man on the right is a committed leftist ideologue and anti-American activist. He was running helter skelter shouting “Ya got yer guns?” at the Tea Party crowd. I didn’t ask about Vermin 12 Supreme. Home planet maybe? Many of these crashers paraded around the press trucks seeking attention..

Contrasting signs from the right and left.

Paul Crow, 71, is a Seminole Indian, living in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He will retire this year from the maintenance department of  Boston University. He likes the Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin. Palin’s husband, Todd, is also indigenous, an Eskimo tribal member in Alaska.

Timothy Eason, of Boston,(right) is the son of a “half Blackfoot indian, half  black, WWII and Korean War veteran”. Mr. Eason said the reason he took a day off work to be at the Tea Party was “because it would have killed my father to see America being given away.”

Love the T-shirt. Political correctness is a term coined by Marx/Engels which refers to the communist technique for speech, mind and societal control. The idea is that if you can control speech and the meaning of words, you achieve control of peoples’ thoughts and actions. The other side of the coin is that those who don’t conform to the speech codes are denounced as racists, sexists, and all sorts of other ways including race traitor. The party of the KKK and slavery, Jim Crow and Robert Byrd, now brands those who are not party members, or of the radical left, as racists by default.

Grandpa has a brilliant sign detailing the short history of the lefts demonization of Tea Party supporters.

Two savvy conservative signs. The sign on the left mocks Democrats and the radical left by simply restating their defensive mantra during their 8 years of slandering and undermining the war efforts of America and her allies. Jonah Goldberg notes that “dissent has gone from being the highest form of patriotism under George W. Bush to the most common form of racism under Barack Obama“.

Obama’s “everything for everyone” “spread the wealth” policies have bankrupted and crippled countries from Argentina and Cuba to Greece and Russia, and that is what Tea Party people understand and oppose. Rather than “spreading the wealth,” politicians like Obama spread poverty and economic mayhem, and then they inevitably blame the “Capitalist System”.

I would love to know the life story of the lady standing in this photo. She appears to be from China. I have a number of Chinese refugee friends and their stories are never happy ones.

American right-wingers are of all ages and are actually only right when compared to the radical left. They are mostly center right conservatives. They revere the founding documents and the ideals of limited and de-centralized government, AKA: freedom.

Here are three generations together in one family.

He’s not the only one. Two of the most conservative Tea Party supporters I know are gay.

This couple are married 25 years and are strong Palin supporters. They look like a real-life Gloria and Meathead who turned out happy and conservative.

This man with his Walt Whitman beard was out alone confronting the leftists. He told me he supports Palin because of her strong record in Alaska and specifically her handling of Alaska’s budget.

These ladies support a handicapped Jewish Canadian-born psychiatrist for president. So do I. Too bad about the Canadian-born bit for both of us. He can’t run even if he wanted to, and I can’t vote here for the same reason..

Here’s Mark Williams, chairman of The Tea Party Express with a shelter dog he found in Boston. He just had to show the crowd his new best friend.

I introduced Robers Armond to Lloyd Marcus, fellow conservative with the Tea Party Express.

Soldiers Sparda and O’Rourke arrived too late to hear any of the speakers. Here they are with Susan Nunally from Manhattan, NYC. Sparda served twice in Camp Marc Lee in Iraq, and got a big hug when they met Marc’s mom, Debbie Lee.

Below are two Palin Boston speech video clips.

Below are links to El Marco’s previous photo-essays which chronicle the history of the Tea Party movement.

The incomparable citizen journalist Zombie did a comparison of my Searchlight Tea Party photos and photos from a leftist “anti-war” rally which occurred  7 days prior in Los Angeles. The contrast between Tea Party patriots and the leftists is a scandal.  Prepared for a shock?  – Click HERE

Very worthwhile video of black conservatives speaking their minds at DC Tax Day rally.

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