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Killer Unicorns and Marxists March for Revolution

Denver, Colorado, May 1, 2010 – by El Marco

The International Workers’ Day march in Denver brought some colorful characters to Colorado’s Capital Building Saturday. A diverse group of Anarchists, Marxists, and Revolutionary Zapatistas joined forces to protest Arizona’s new immigration law. White skinned people dressed up as tourist trap “Aztecs” burned incense and performed a new age ritual to sanctify the march. They blessed the 4 winds, blew a conch shell and lifted a desiccated hawks wing skyward. There were about 100 marchers including children.

Colorful costumed “Aztecs” surround a Che Guevara fan with bullhorn.

This green eyed, bearded “Aztec” has a long auburn pony-tail. I think he would have been much more convincing in a Conquistador outfit.

This is his three year old son who is a good little drummer.

The anarchists arrived early, and it looked like the march would be a flop until the revolutionary Zapatistas arrived with armloads of signs.

The banner reads “For a world without bosses anything is possible”. Utopia for these anarchists starts with killer unicorns eliminating “bosses” and cops. Imagine a world with no employers and no law enforcement. I wonder if you can. Oh yeah, that’s Mexico’s big problem. No jobs and a typical latin american legal system that is just a “mercado” (market)

The man above wears a cap of the National Lawyers Guild which identifies him as a “legal observer”. There were several clad with the hat and yellow star. One of them was an old lady who went about telling each photographer not to take photos of any of the participants without asking permission of each individual. The National Lawyers Guild first appeared in 1922, and has been called “the legal bulwark of the Communist Party”.

The NLG’s earliest antecedent was an agency known as the MOPR (the Russian initials for “International Class War Prisoners Aid Society”), which was formed by the Communist International (Comintern) in 1922 as part of its effort to infiltrate American legal organizations. Soon thereafter, MOPR became known as International Red Aid (IRA). In 1925 an American section of IRA was established under the name International Labor Defense (ILD), which in 1936 helped to organize the NLG.

In 1999, NLG member Chip Berlet, who is also an activist with Morris Dees’s Southern Poverty Law Center, described the Guild’s saturation with Communist and far-left ideologies: “The cacophony at some [Guild] meetings … [arises from] debates featuring cadres from Leninist, Trotskyist, Stalinist, and Maoist groups, along with Marxists, anarchists, libertarians, and progressive independents — interacting with a preponderance of reluctant Democrats — all intertwined with multiple alternate identities as lawyers, legal workers, labor organizers, tribal sovereignty activists, civil liberties and civil rights advocates, environmentalists, feminists, gay men and lesbians, and people of color.”

The NLG’s National Immigration Project seeks “to recognize the contributions of immigrants in this country, to promote fair immigration practices, and to expand the civil and human rights of all immigrants, regardless of their status in the United States.” In short, it advocates amnesty for all illegals currently residing in the U.S., and unchecked immigration across open borders henceforth. The Guild further rejects “all deportations and manipulations of the border carried out in the interests of capitalism,” encouraging local NLG chapters to “develop training programs and legal clinics to support mass defense efforts against deportations.” According to the Guild, government raids against “undocumented working people” constitute “an effort to terrorize and silence immigrant communities.”

Following 9/11, the NLG released flyers, posters, and CDs entitled “Know Your Rights,” which provided legal advice — translated into several Middle Eastern languages — for immigrants contacted by the U.S. government during its anti-terrorism initiatives. These materials advised immigrants to refuse to talk to investigators — because “[t]he FBI is not just trying to find terrorists, but is gathering information on immigrants and activists who have done nothing wrong.”

Both congressman John Conyers and Weather Underground terrorist Bernadette Dohrn are or have been members of the guild. The Discover the Networks article linked above should be read in it’s entirety.

This photo and the one below show typical Ward Churchill followers. Churchill was the fake Indian professor fired from CU Boulder for academic fraud and teaching trash to dumb white kids.

Many of the people at the march in support of (illegal) immigration were from organizations that openly call for the destruction of the United States. The sign on the left speaks for itself, and so does their web site. If you want a free trip into total la-la land, check out the zeitgeist movements Venus Project.

The Venus Project‘s aim is to surpass the need for the use of money. Police, prisons and the military would no longer be necessary when goods, services, healthcare, and education are available to all people. The Venus Project would replace politicians with a cybernated society in which all of the physical entities are managed and operated by computerized systems. The only region that the computers do not operate or manage is the surveillance of human beings. This would be completely unnecessary and considered socially offensive.

Comite en Defense Del Pueblo looks very tame on their web site.

But the people who brought along the yellow Comite en Defensa Del Pueblo signs also arrived with others carrying banners which call for violent revolution and invasion of the territory of the United States.

This banner shows Emiliano Zapata‘s head crossing the US border and the entire Southwestern US and Texas as part of Mexico.

This banner shows the same map with the border in flames. Note red star on chest of woman on left.

The ARIZONAZI sign was carried by a gringa loca.

This was the biggest banner in the march. The fight that continues (la lucha sigue) refers to the Zapatista Marxist revolutionary group which is active in Chiapas, Mexico.

The man with the DEATH TO EMPIRE sign is wearing an Arab Kafiya scarf and a Chairman Mao style cap. Hippy style Anarchists had trouble marching in unison(below). Of the 100 or so marchers about half were gringos.


Watch the video below and hear the voice of the majority of Hispanics in Arizona who support SB1070 immigration law. This woman is a legal immigrant and she blasts law-makers in her state who call for the new law to be opposed. Gabriella Salcedo speaks truth to corruptocrat power in Tucson City Council Chambers.


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