• Ward Churchill Trial in Denver – Education is the Motor Force of Revolution

By El Marco

“Professor” Ward Churchill is suing The University of Colorado, accusing the school of violating his free speech rights. The jury trial began today in Denver. His argument is that he is being persecuted for his political beliefs. In 2007 the University of Colorado’s Governing Board found that he plagiarized, lied, falsified historical data and generally abused history, period.

Lonely Churchill supporter at 9:30 AM as the jury selection begins on the first day of trial in Denver. This ACLU board member from Colorado Springs asked “Where are the other supporters?” Well there were no others but this guy is a good specimen none the less.            Note ACLU T-shirt.

Churchill’s assertion that politics motivated their decision to fire him is like a man who is convicted of bludgeoning his mother, and comes back on appeal and says he’s being persecuted for hating her. In Wards case his Academic Misconduct is published on paper in black and white.

To understand a man’s actions or crimes, the law considers motives, but the University of Colorado (CU Boulder) did not look at his motives as a criminal court does. Ward is the one bringing up his politics as his defense, but he is only highlighting his motive for committing the academic “crimes” he was found guilty of. This is a good development, as it will clarify to the public what is in this man’s heart and what inspires him and other Marxist pseudo-academics.

The irony of a man calling for the total destruction of the nation, appealing to it’s powerful courts to protect him from his academic peers is not lost on the average citizen.

Ward was found guilty of fabricating and distorting the history of a smallpox epidemic that decimated Mandan Indian villages on the Missouri River prior to the arrival of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Why would a professor do that? Because he is not really a professor. Like Karl Marx, he is not interested in the truth, only in proclaiming it. He is an ideologue.

Genocide is the “blood libel” against America, essential to anti-American Marxist ideology. The genocide myth is just that: a myth. The spread of smallpox was a natural occurrence and zero evidence exists of any governmental or other policy to spread it intentionally to Native American populations. The vast majority of smallpox victims had died before the arrival of the first immigrants from England, the epidemic having been introduced a century earlier with spanish livestock.

So, Ward lied and twisted the truth to bolster the “blood libel” and incite his students to revolutionary action. His “crimes” are academic. He was found guilty of  Falsification, Plagiarism, Research Misconduct, Fabrication, Academic Misconduct, Disrespect of Indian oral traditions and Fraud. Polemic disguised as scholarship. He was motivated by ideology and hate.

Ward is not unique, only emblematic of a widespread problem in the American educational system. Unrepentant terrorist Professor Bill Ayers came to Ward’s defense last week on campus in Boulder. “There’s no doubt in my mind he was persecuted because of his politics,” Ayers said before appearing with Churchill at a student rally on academic freedom at the University of Colorado. Billy  Ayers, is a leader of the growing educational “reform” movement. Ayers was recently elected vice president for curriculum of the American Education Research Association, the nation’s largest organization of education school professors and researchers.

Bill Ayers’ presence gives this case a national focus that extends right into Obama’s Oval Office.

Golden, Colorado, U.S.A. – Coloradans love their Western heritage. Every summer during Goldens Buffulo Bill Days pretend Indians and indigeous Americans alike take over the main street to comemerate the history of this idilyc foothills town. Out West, playing oldtime cowboys and Indians is a big deal. Unfortunately, over at the University of Colorado in Boulder, some thirty miles away, there is an adult who has taken playing Indian to a bizarre extreme.

Unlike those who celebrate Native American history, Ward Churchill masquerades as an Indigenous American in a shoot from the lip, Marxist hate campaign to destroy the U.S.A. He has drawn a firestorm of criticism from real American Indians for exploiting his fraudulent claims of Indian ancestry. This letter (below) posted on the American Indian Movement website sums it up.

“Ward Churchill has been masquerading as an Indian for years behind his dark glasses and beaded headband. He waves around an honorary membership card that at one time was issued to anyone by the Keetoowah Tribe of Oklahoma. Former President Bill Clinton and many others received these cards, but these cards do not qualify the holder a member of any tribe. He has deceitfully and treacherously fooled innocent and naïve Indian community members in Denver, Colorado, as well as many other people worldwide.”

Nee Gon Nway Wee Dung, aka, Clyde H. Bellecourt, Ojibwa Nation
National Executive Director
American Indian Movement

Dennis J. Banks, Ojibwa Nation
Chairman of the Board
American Indian Movement

Yes, they are very, very, angry at this pale face impostor. So angry that they created this cartoon and posted it on the American Indian Movement web site.


Note the A.I.M. T-shirt is included in the kit. 70’s RADICAL MODEL… scare your folks (on side of box)

In 2005 the Rocky Mountain News published a genealogy of Churchill, and reported “no evidence” that he had even “a single Indian ancestor.” A Denver Post genealogical investigation drew the same conclusion.

Ward has made some people of european ancestry in Colorado angry also. In 1978 he went over to University of Colorado at Boulder and told them his fake Indian story. They gave him a job as an affirmative action officer. The worm was inside the apple now and with a ravenous appetite.

In 1990 Churchill was hired as an associate professor at UC Boulder, though he lacked the proper credentials for the position. After being turned down by both the Sociology and Political Science departments, in 1991 he was granted early tenure in the Communications department on the basis of his claim to be a member of the Ketoowah Cherokee tribe. Documents in Churchill’s University personnel file explain that he was granted tenure in a “special opportunity position,” with the intention of facilitating the recruitment of “a more diverse faculty.”

Churchill was made a Professor of Ethnic Studies in 1996, was promoted to full professor in 1997, and finally became Chair of the department in 2002 — though he did not (and still does not) possess a Ph.D.    -discoverthenetworks.org

“Professors outside the arts at major research universities are supposed to have Ph.D.s. The phantom Ward Churchill does not. How he was hired, promoted, and tenured without a doctorate is a mystery — the equivalent of a high-school teacher credentialed with an AA degree, or a medical doctor operating without an M.D.”      -Victor Davis Hanson 2005

During the DNC in Denver, Sept. 2008 Wards pamphlets were sold by Stalinist organizations in front of the state capitol.

“On September 12, 2001, the day after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Churchill published a short essay titled “Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens,” which was later expanded into the book On the Justice of Roosting Chickens: reflections on the consequences of U.S. imperial arrogance and criminality (2003). In the essay, Churchill disclosed his belief that the 9/11 attacks were reprisals for unjust U.S. foreign policy measures vis a vis the Middle East, and for the alleged ravages of global capitalism as spearheaded by America. In this regard, Churchill claimed that no U.S. citizen could be considered genuinely innocent.

“As for those in the World Trade Center … Well, really, let’s get a grip here, shall we? True enough, they were civilians of a sort. But innocent? Gimme a break. They formed a technocratic corps at the very heart of America’s global financial empire — the ‘mighty engine of profit’ to which the military dimension of U.S. policy has always been enslaved — and they did so both willingly and knowingly… If there was a better, more effective, or in fact any other way of visiting some penalty befitting their participation upon the little Eichmanns inhabiting the sterile sanctuary of the twin towers, I’d really be interested in hearing about it.”

Professor Churchill’s academic career and academic oeuvre was built around the theory that the United States is a genocidal nation, worse than Nazi Germany because its genocides began with its settlement and have continued to the present. Churchill regards American history as one unbroken procession of genocidal tyranny, beginning in 1492, which “unleashed a process of conquest and colonization unparalleled in the history of humanity.” He routinely equates Columbus with Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler.”


See, it’s the 9/11 comments that caught the worlds attention and got the Colorado taxpayer so angry at him. Up until that point Ward’s career as a Stalinist propagandist and organizer inside academia was not unusual. What made him stand out was his unique blend of chauvinism and candor. He got such a thrill from all the murder on 9/11 that he just couldn’t keep it to himself. He articulated what many a nutty proffesor dared not. All that attention brought wider scrutiny to longtime allegations of fraud and his scandalous academic performance.

Rocky Mountain News    Ward Churchill fired by CU regents   July 25, 2007

BOULDER — The first, very long chapter of the Ward Churchill saga ended this afternoon…He was fired from his job as ethnic studies professor at the University of Colorado.

The next chapter is set to begin Wednesday, when the controversial academic and his civil rights attorney, David Lane, sue the university in Denver District Court.

Churchill warned that his dismissal is the beginning of a wider attack on scholars with unpopular political views.

“If you think I’m the endgame, you’re wrong,” Churchill told supporters. “This is the kickoff.”

He raised his fist and smiled defiantly when the school’s Board of Regents voted 8-1 in public, following three hours of private discussions, to fire him.

But no violence erupted, a contingency for which police were clearly prepared. Some 40 officers from three agencies were standing by after a death threat was e-mailed to the regents.

CU President Hank Brown had earlier recommended the dismissal. In the end, there really wasn’t much choice, Brown said.

Churchill “falsified history and fabricated history.” And Churchill “did not express regret, apologize or agree to refrain from this behavior in the future,” Brown said.

Churchill accused officials of orchestrating an “illusion of scholarly research” to justify his firing. “That’s a farce, but more than that, it’s a fraud.”

But the spotlight on Churchill revealed numerous complaints of academic misconduct that had been raised by other academics, but never addressed by CU. He was accused of plagiarism, inventing historical incidents and ghostwriting essays which he then cited in his footnotes in support of his own views.

R.G. Robertson, author of Rotting Face: Smallpox and the American Indian, said he was glad that Churchill’s supporters did not sway the regents.

“I’m glad that scholarship, or the ideal of scholarship, won out over somebody’s weird view of political correctness,” he said. “I’m happy that it happened, that he’s been found out, and, by his peers — meaning other university people — and been called what he is, a plagiarizer and a liar.”

Robertson’s book was among those cited by investigators as having been mischaracterized by Churchill.

“Facts are facts and truth is truth, and when you’re dealing with history I think it doesn’t need to be distorted by people with a warped political objective,” Robertson said.

Another author whose work was mischaracterized by Churchill said the firing was appropriate punishment.

“It’s important to know Indian history, and it’s important to know factual Indian history, not just a bunch of B.S. that someone made up,” said Russell Thornton, a professor at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Churchill attributed assertions that the Army deliberately spread smallpox among Indians to one of Thornton’s books, American Indian Holocaust and Survival: A Population History Since 1492.

Rep. (now Senator) Mark Udall, D-Colo, said academic freedom goes along with freedom of speech, and controversial views will find a safe haven at universities.

“But Ward Churchill’s actions have gone far beyond giving voice to reprehensible points of views,” he said. “As much as Ward Churchill would like us to believe otherwise, today’s dismissal is about his academic conduct. It is a shame that Ward Churchill still tries to deny the disservice he has done to CU by claiming the university is interfering with his right to free speech.” –  rockymountainnews.com

Before he was publicly fired a small group of Wards trained follower/students paraded for the gathered media horde. They were supplied with signs by three of Ward’s little goons. (below)

I hope these kids’ parents are communists. I hate the thought of decent Americans being being duped into thinking their children and investment are in good hands at UC Boulder. What a shock it must be to so many families when they discover that their kids have been brainwashed into a 60’s style cult that advocates violent war on western civilization.

One year later…August 2008…Churchills students wait on the steps of the State capitol for their professor to arrive. Denver hosted the Democratic Party Convention and “Recreate 68” was formed to “Disrupt the DNC”.

Churchill, Cindy Sheehan, and Cynthia McKinney, spoke under a banner bearing Saddam Husseins image. Mayhem was brought to the streets after the “end the occupation” march. Denver police spent millions of dollars keeping a lid on the boiling cauldron of hate spewed forth during the illegal “Reclaim the streets party”, “Riot for Peace”.

No war on Iran…No I.C.E. Raids (US Immigration and customs Enforcement)…Iraq Get Out…and Muqtada al Sadr supporters! ?  It’s O.K. folks, suicide bombers have not yet arrived in the U.S….. but their supporters are here and not at all shy or in hiding.

“When I started out it was ‘U.S. out of Vietnam,and then that was changed and it became ‘U.S. out of Indochina,’ and then it became ‘U.S. out of Southern Africa,’ and it was ‘U.S. out of the Caribbean and Central America,’ and then it became ‘U.S. out of the Persian Gulf.’ I agreed with every one of those, but ultimately there’s only one way that any of them will be possible and that is: US out of North America, U.S. off the planet, and take Canada with you when you go!”    – Prof. Churchill

“One of the things I’ve suggested is that it may be that more 9/11s are necessary. This seems like such a no-brainer that I hate to frame it in terms of actual transformation of consciousness — Hey those brown-skinned folks dying in the millions in order to maintain this way of life, they can wait forever for those who purport to be the opposition here to find some personally comfortable and pure manner of affecting the kind of transformation that brings not just lethal but genocidal processes to a halt.”     – Prof. Churchill

” They have no obligation — moral, ethical, legal or otherwise — to sit on their thumbs while the opposition here dithers about doing anything to change the system. So it’s removing the sense of — and right to — impunity from the American opposition…. I want the state gone: transform the situation to U.S. out of North America. U.S. off the planet. Out of existence altogether.”   -Prof. Churchill

Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents.”       – Terrorist Bill Ayers 1968, Chicago

“Education is the motor-force of revolution”   -Prof. Bill Ayers 2006, Venezuela

“There’s something about a good bomb … Night after night, day after day, each majestic scene I witnessed was so terrible and so unexpected that no city would ever again stand innocently fixed in my mind. Big buildings and wide streets, cement and steel were no longer permanent. They, too, were fragile and destructible. A torch, a bomb, a strong enough wind, and they, too, would come undone or get knocked down.”     -Terrorist Bill Ayers 1968

“Bill Ayers was an active participant in Weatherman’s 1969 “Days of Rage” riots in Chicago, where nearly 300 members of the organization employed guerrilla-style tactics to viciously attack police officers and civilians alike, and to destroy massive amounts of property via vandalism and arson; their objective was to further spread their anti-war, anti-American message. Reminiscing on those riots, Ayers says pridefully:  “We’d … proven that it was possible — we didn’t all die, we were still there.”

“Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country”

“Notwithstanding his violent past, Ayers today does not describe himself as a terrorist. “Terrorists destroy randomly,” he reasons, “while our actions bore … the precise stamp of a cut diamond. Terrorists intimidate, while we aimed only to educate.”

“In 1970, Ayers’ then-girlfriend Diana Oughton, along with Weatherman members Terry Robbins and Ted Gold, were killed when a bomb they were constructing exploded unexpectedly. That bomb had been intended for detonation at a dance that was to be attended by army soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Hundreds of lives could have been lost had the plan been successfully executed. Ayers attested that the bomb would have done serious damage, “tearing through windows and walls and, yes, people too.”  – discoverthenetworks.org


Bill Ayers and Ward Churchill Have a lot in common. Both are violent propagandists and both suffer from a malady that effects Marxists……. 9/11 envy.

“As many will recall, publication of Ayers’s Fugitive Days – a book that celebrated, among other things, the Weather Underground’s 1972 bombing of the Pentagon — coincided directly with the September 11th tragedies. Ironically, the New York Times had run a glowing profile of Ayers and Dohrn (a puff for the book) that very morning. The piece featured a color photo of the affluent, middle-aged couple holding hands beside a headline that read: “No Regrets for a Love of Explosives.” Halfway down the column, Ayers told theTimes’s Dinitia Smith: I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough” – History News Network

“In 1980 Ayers and Dohrn surrendered to law-enforcement authorities, but all charges against them were later dropped due to an “improper surveillance” technicality — government authorities had failed to get a warrant for some of their surveillance.”

Matt Drudge’s headline Friday March 6 2009

“I recommend to Obama — they’re criticizing him because they say he’s moving towards socialism — come Obama, ally with us on the path to socialism, it’s the only road.”  – Hugo Chavez  2009

“Imagine a socialist revolution in the U.S. Nothing is impossible.”  – Hugo Chavez bloomberg.com

“At a November 2006 education forum in Caracas, Venezuela, with President Hugo Chávez at his side, Ayers proclaimed his support for “the profound educational reforms under way here in Venezuela under the leadership of President Chávez. We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution…I look forward to seeing how you continue to overcome the failings of capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and deeply humane.” Ayers concluded his speech by declaring that “Venezuela is poised to offer the world a new model of education—a humanizing and revolutionary model whose twin missions are enlightenment and liberation,” and then, as in days of old, raised his fist and chanted: “Viva Presidente Chávez! Viva la Revolucion Bolivariana! Hasta la Victoria Siempre!”                    – City Journal

“Two years ago Mr. Ayers shared with his students a letter he wrote to a young radical friend: “I’ve been told to grow up from the time I was ten until this morning. Bullshit. Anyone who salutes your ‘youthful idealism’ is a patronizing reactionary. Resist! Don’t grow up! I went to Camp Casey [Cindy Sheehan’s vigil at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas] in August precisely because I’m an agnostic about how and where the rebellion will break out, but I know I want to be there and I know it will break out.”   Wall Street Journal

The letter is on Ayers’ web site, www.billayers.org.

“Despite having authored two autobiographies, Barack Obama has never written about his most important executive experience. From 1995 to 1999, he led an education foundation called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), and remained on the board until 2001. The group poured more than $100 million into the hands of community organizers and radical education activists.”

“Ayers founded CAC and was its guiding spirit,” Kurtz wrote. “No one would have been appointed the CAC chairman without his approval.”…  the CAC archives show that Obama and Ayers worked as a team to advance the foundation’s agenda — with Obama responsible for fiscal matters while Ayers focused on shaping educational policy. The archived documents further reveal that Ayers served as an ex-officio member of the board that Obama chaired through CAC’s first year; that Ayers served with Obama on the CAC governance committee; and that Ayers worked with Obama to write CAC’s by laws.”

“The Obama campaign has cried foul when Bill Ayers comes up, claiming “guilt by association.” Yet the issue here isn’t guilt by association; it’s guilt by participation. As CAC chairman, Mr. Obama was lending moral and financial support to Mr. Ayers and his radical circle.”

“Obama was perfectly aware of Ayers’ radical views, since he read and publically endorsed, without qualification, Ayers’ book on juvenile crime. That book is quite radical, expressing doubts about whether we ought to have a prison system at all, comparing America to South Africa’s apartheid system, and contemptuously dismissing the idea of the United States as a kind or just country.”      nationalreview.com

“CAC translated Mr. Ayers’s radicalism into practice. Instead of funding schools directly, it required schools to affiliate with “external partners,” which actually got the money. Proposals from groups focused on math/science achievement were turned down. Instead CAC disbursed money through various far-left community organizers, such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (or Acorn).”

“CAC’s in-house evaluators comprehensively studied the effects of its grants on the test scores of Chicago public-school students. They found no evidence of educational improvement.”             wsj.com

Barack Obama’s first run for the Illinois State Senate was launched at a 1995 gathering at Mr. Ayers’s home. State Senator Alice Palmer introduced her chosen successor, Barack Obama, to a few of the district’s influential liberals, before anouncing her intentions to her party or the public. This was not just an average ward meeting. This was the moment Obamas new career was agreed upon and declared. The fact that both Palmer the communist state senator and Obama the newcomer to Chicago, turned up at Ayers place at such a moment indicates what a central role Ayers was playing in Obamas life.

“I can remember being one of a small group of people who came to Bill Ayers’ house to learn that Alice Palmer was stepping down from the senate and running for Congress,” said Dr. Quentin Young, a prominent Chicago physician and advocate for single-payer health care, of the informal gathering at the home of Ayers and his wife, Dohrn. “[Palmer] identified [Obama] as her successor.”            -Politico.com

Bill Ayers continues to play a role, supporting Obama from the sidelines. New Zeal online magazine, from downunder clearly lays out Ayers extra-curiculer  connections.

“Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are involved in an organization uniting three Marxist parties, a host of ’60s radicals and terrorists and a new generation of militant activists.

Progressives for Obama (PFO). Founded earlier this year (2008), PFO unites all the main leftist currents behind the Obama campaign-the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), the CPUSA offshoot Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)and former members of the ’60s radical organisation Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and its terrorist splinter group Weather Underground Organisation.”           -New Zeal

Follow the money……It’s really ugly, but that’s sausage making Chicago style.

“A line item in the stimulus package – under the heading “neighborhood stabilization activities” – sets aside $4.19 billion for low-income advocacy groups such as ACORN.

ACORN, who supported Obama and other Democrats last fall, came under investigation in several states for vote registration fraud.”     –NYPost

Obama and Bill Ayers Worked to Get ACORN Teaching Schoolchildren in Chicago

How’s that for a red-meat headline? It has the virtue of being true, according to the research of Stanley Kurtz into Ayers’ foundation, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, chaired by Barack Obama.

“From tiny ACORNs mighty oaks do grow” is the old slogan, from which the revolutionary organization ACORN derives its name.  Like so many little hints dropped by the Left, you get a very clear message if you just think about it from their neo-Marxist revolutionary point of view. In the same way, the Sixties Weathermen Underground bombers got their name from a Bob Dylan line, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.”  This name was one of Bill Ayers’ early literary efforts, you might say.          –    American Thinker

“Education is the motor-force of revolution”   Bill Ayers 2006